New Case Study: A U.S. Issuer’s Experience with Visa’s IDX Solution

New Case Study: Visa’s IDX Solution

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The power of Visa + Cardinal.

Over 20 years of experience in authentication backed by a network that connects the world. You can’t go wrong.

Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

Cardinal brings the power of Visa and two decades of experience to the table to work for you. For both merchants and issuers around the world. When you are looking for singular focus and a dedicated team, choose experience, choose Cardinal.

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We’re a true partner, helping to create a better experience together

CardinalCommerce, a Visa Solution, is a global leader in authenticating digital transactions. For over two decades, we’ve been bringing merchants, issuers, and shoppers together in an experience where everybody wins.

We don’t just know authentication, we actually love it.

We’re the global leader in authentication that the world’s leading brands rely on.

Cleveland attracts talented individuals, expanding corporations and international thought-leaders across a wide array of industries. Cleveland, Ohio is not a city of the past, but a growing metropolis of the future. We at Cardinal enjoy being a part of that boom. Northeast Ohio is home. But Cardinal believes in attracting talented individuals from wherever they may be. We offer flex and remote work and are always looking for the best to join our team.

Meet Cardinal

We are Cardinal.

At Cardinal, we promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our employees come with different backgrounds and experiences, resulting in many different approaches that are part of our success. All are welcome, all can succeed – each in their own way. We embrace individuality and offer everyone the opportunity to learn and grow, no matter where that takes them.

Diverse. Unique. Agile.

Hackathons. Yoga classes. Celebrating excellence. Just a few of the things that make Cardinal what it is.

Working in a community means we are also a part of the community.

We feel a responsibility to share what we have.

How we give.

We look for ways to help make a difference all year long. During the holidays we participate in the local Community Santa program, which helps local families going through hard times to make sure they and their children can celebrate too. We participate in the local United Way Day of Caring and work with local non-profits to paint, landscape, and help with chores they can’t pay to have done.

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